Rob Aubrey

Long gone are the days when someone has a web site. Today if you are in business you have many sites. Being in the real estate industry there is a lot of information to assimilate and a single web site could never do it.

I have sites for home searching, home values, school comparisons, then there is the credit repair, credit building and other financial services. There’s estate planning, wills, trust power of attorney and more.

Let’s not forget social media, there are literally hundreds of social media sites.

If you are felling nostalgic and actually want to call me 801-999-8209

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent with an Associate Brokers License

I have been in the real estate industry since 1992 and have a myriad of experiences. I have been through the cycles before, I have seen run away seller’s markets, flat markets, buyer’s markets, broad markets.

I am a certified Continuing Education Instructor  for the State of Utah teaching real estate brokers and agents throughout the state on a variety of topics. Including Seller Financing, Credit Repair, Technology and more.


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